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Asynchronous Predicates, Actions and Funcs

I love the built in Predicate, Action, and Func delegates. They provide simple ways for methods to be passed to other objects. Suppose you had an interface that processes some results. In the Process method, it has a parameter that specifies if a given item is valid and ready for processing public interface IProcessResults { IEnumerable<IProcessedItem> Process(IEnumerable<IItem> items, Predicate<IItem> isValid = null); } If the predicate existed, the implementing class would call that method to determine if an item is valid or not. This is all well and good, but we live in async world now. Windows Store APIs enforce async everywhere they can. Windows Phone and the .Net APIs are not quite there, but do provide everything needed so that you may be able to make your app Fast and Fluid. Why should we be held back by these synchronous delegate methods? Let’s see if we can take the existing APIs, and make them asynchronous. ... [More]