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2012 Developer Summit must watch videos

If you haven’t heard, the videos for the 2012 ArcGIS Developer Summit are now finally available. The day one plenary was available the very next day so I have no idea why it took a month to get the session videos out. The videos I’m going to recommend are from the perspective of someone who has worked with ArcGIS Server for more than 4 years. My team built the very first custom Server Object Extension (SOE). I helped redesign the Telvent Silverlight SDK, and and I see a strong need for more mobile apps. These videos are ordered.

Sesions I attended

Building Web Editing Applications with ArcGIS 10.1 for Server-by Gary MacDougall and Ismael Chivite
Hands down the best session in terms of content. I was floored to see all of the new editing functionality within ArcGIS Server. I had been working with ArcGIS Server 10.1 the first week that Beta 1 went out, but I had never been able to test or investigate the new editing.

ArcGIS Server for Administrators-by Ismael Chivite and Jay Theodore
I must say that the best part of this session was that Ismael created his power point presentations during the presentation. He would design each slide to show how ArcGIS Server works at each tier.

Supporting High-Quality Printing in Web Applications with ArcGIS 10.1 for Server-by Craig Williams and Tanu Hoque
Just about every shop out there has built their own server side printing so I like everyone am very happy to see this functionality. Esri did a great job with this. I was amazed with what they are supporting with their serer side printing. Printing supports client side graphics. It supports the new dynamic layer rendering. It does it all.

What’s new in ArcGIS API for Silverlight-by Rex Hansen and Morten Nielsen
I’m a Silverlight guy so I had to throw this in. Auto projection of graphics, IdentityManager, Dynamic Layer Rendering… The list goes on.

Killer Apps: HTML5 and Flex-by Sajit Thomasand Mansour Raad
I did not learn anything from this session other than the fact that Sajit and Mansour give a good presentation. Well worth the watch.

Sessions I did not attend

Building Applications with ArcGIS Runtime SDK for WPF – Part 1-by Euan Cameron and Mike Branscomb
Building Applications with ArcGIS Runtime SDK for WPK – Part 2-by Euan Cameron and Mike Branscomb
While I did not attend these sessions, I would recommend them. I had been working with the ArcGIS Runtime for about five months prior to the DevSummit and I see this as the the next best way to build mobile apps. If you are familiar with Esri’s .Net SDKs (Silverlight/WPF/Windows Phone) you already know how to use the Runtime SDK. There are some new things to learn if you are working in a disconnected environment so give these videos a watch.

Creating Geoprocessing Services-by Kevin Hibma and Scott Murray
If you have not heard yet, Geoprocessing Tools are the new black. This is the way to build new functionality. Connect up a few GP tools that already exist and BANG, you now have a new tool. Publish this as a GP Service and you have that same functionality in your web apps. All of the client SDKs are built to understand any GP tool that you throw at it.

ArcGIS for Server Performance and Scalability – Testing Methodologies-by Andrew Sakowicz and Frank Pizzi
Always best to make sure your server can stand up properly!

Enabling tilt on “non-selectable” items

While working an a recent app I wanted to enable tilt functionality onto a Grid that contained a few items. Unfortunetly I was unable to get the control to tilt. I tried setting all sorts of properties, but nothing worked. I downloaded the source and took a look at it, and the same time I asked the twiiter universe whether non selectable items could be “tiltable” Morten Neilson replied with exactly what I was seeing.  His suggestion was to change the source which is easy enough to do. Just add FrameworkElement to the list.

static TiltEffect()
     // The tiltable items list.
     TiltableItems = new List<Type>() 

But I wanted to find a way to make this work without having to change the source for the WP7 toolkit. I love open source projects, I have two myself. But it’s a lot nicer to use the out of the box code rather than having to maintain your own.

My thought was if the toolkit limits to those items, what if I wrapped my Grid in one of them? I didn’t want to use a button because then I’d have to style it, so I tried a ListBoxItem.

<ListBoxItem toolkit:TiltEffect.IsTiltEnabled="True">
        <TextBlock Text="I'm now tiltable!"/>

Of course there is no need for the Grid in the above, but you get the point. This is being used outside of a ListBox and works fantastic!