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Extending your app theme into the SystemTray

I have seen a lot of apps recently in which the developers think about the theme of their app. They have nice colors, either in text, or background or both. Sidebar: I recently read in an MSDN blog that “Backgrounds are discouraged. They are allowed for brand reasons and to support contrast. Instead, use any accent colors on the text foreground”. I personally like when apps do this rather than just the plain white or black text/background offered by default. This makes the app stand out from the rest. Heck, even Microsoft has violated this rule with their bing apps. I have a dark theme for my phone, yet the bing apps seem to favor a white background. One area I notice where people are not applying their theme is in the system tray. They spend a lot of time and effort theming their pages, yet neglect this area. This is actually not surprising as the system tray is easy to overlook when creating your apps. It is placed in by default, it’s very small (32 pixels), and when using the... [More]